Waht's Your Favorite Oasis' Album?

@mchavez11 (1406)
November 15, 2009 10:03pm CST
This band is one of the most successful rock group from Britain since the Beatles. Knowing for a fact that they released numerous of albums and produced ton of hits, we as fans sometimes have a hard time in picking our preferred release from this essential group of legends. Anyways, they made a mark in the music industry and contributed both to fashion and arts in a well-properly manner. As for me, after listening to them for quite a long time I picked "Masterplan" as my favorite Oasis' album of all time. Its because of the well-balanced tracks in this particular lp. Also, I find more anthemic cuts in this release. Very good indeed. Classic. What about you? As a fan, critic, commoner or just a listener. Which album of Oasis' is your favorite?
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@MJay101 (711)
17 Nov 09
I can't stand Oasis; I think they are a dreadful band and vastly overrated. They did one good album, across two releases ('Definitely Maybe' and 'What's the Story?'), and have been utterly diabolical ever since. Blur is a much better band, in my opinion, if you like a bit of Britpop. (And does anyone really like Britpop any more, after the betrayal of New Labour? It was supposed to be the start of something awesome!)