svbux is now saying bye bye to its members

November 15, 2009 10:34pm CST
as per thom one of svbux moderator on his forum post. He said that he was told by svbux admin that due to the problem of DDOS attack and disputes filed by members to paypal and alertpay they decided to closed the site permanently and that the admin tried his best for the site even with 2 sleepless night trying to fixed the problem but its the disputes that hold him back to keep the site stay as their paypal was already blocked due to the disputes and alertpay will soon too. Other members put up a support group informing paypal and alertpay against the disputes and they're looking forward that the site will raise. As what happened to other PTC site as other thought that other PTC are scam but frankly speaking other PTC if they are closed it not because they are scam but they rather decided to closed the site due to hackers asking for money in exchange of not attacking the site. specially if the site become well known or have a lot of members.. Other hackers will leave the site if they found out that they can't get any money from them and so what happened is the site can no longer serve its members when it comes to payments due to their paypal and alertpay account was already closed due to disputes eve if the site become available for the members. thats why other thought that is a scam.. But then, some PTC or money earning site are really scammers, pretending to offer big earnings but at the end they will not give you your payout.
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@vjsinduja (1035)
• Sri Lanka
16 Nov 09
Oh god, I did invest $10 at svbux for renting referrals. Just one day after I rented, the site was down, I though it would get back. But now.. I have no hopes for that after reading your discussion... Oh my goodness
• Philippines
17 Nov 09
aww that's sad, i mean wow ten dollars is a lot of money on my book. you should stick with neobux, since it has triumph again against this site. my advice, don't invest on new sites that look appealingly good on us. am glad i didn't invest there, not to mention i had a direct referral there are well. i hope you do learn a lesson on this one.
• Philippines
17 Nov 09
hello homeshopper, i see the change in the avatar again, eh.lolz well, so much for that site, too bad the layer of the site is so good much like the neobux but it seems that still neobux still prevails. i guess it's bad thing they had to start that site, neobux did offer jack pots like they did, i feel sad but HAPPY that i didn't have to invest there because they were using alertpay in getting rent balance and not PAypal, thanks to that
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
16 Nov 09
ya, i am shocked when hear this news. svbux is not going by admin but by their members who panic and take them all of this money and paypal systems as least close number account of svbux admin.