Will you feel sad if your friend don't care for u saying that I am busy....

November 15, 2009 11:30pm CST
If your friend whom you love most as a friend you care a lot but she/he don't have time for you in their calender. As you can't stay back without talking to your friend if you call and ask that so many days got over no sign of you..missing you....I am busy...with my work...Even forgets your birthday..whose wishes you feel that you are going to receive definitely..if not daily atleast on the occasional days should care right?....how do you feel...do you think that better if he/she themselves talk or call to respond otherwise to keep quite...as you feel that why always I should go forward to communicate as the opposite person don't have time and never think of us also............thank u.....
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@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
29 Nov 09
it depends on the level of your friendship.. If before he was not a kind of what you are seeing now? then maybe? there is something wrong about it..communication is very important in matters like this.. I guess your friend must give you even a little time to sit and talk with you to patch or clarify things if any .Even for at least realize the essence of being a real friend to you?as you to him.. His work or other activities although busy? CAN never replace a friend like you..your commitment as a true friend to him and it is priceless.. but for me? i will not be happy if am to be treated that way too..I gonna talk to my friend and let him explain his views and problems if any.. then I will express all i wanted to say so that after the conversation? whatever will be the outcome was settled already..
• India
30 Nov 09
Yeah u r right?.....but like u know monthly once it has become hard to call or communicate...that too after getting married...first used to share each and every thing...and now busy...no time for this friend....when i come to a decission that if i get a call also not to talk and just stop talking....by the time I get call i will be in eager to know whats going on at his end...how is my friend life doing.....if at all I wont respond also he won't care...he will leave off take light everything and move on not much concerned talked or not talked....even there are days where he said that should i beg u that i need ur friendship....say....but me as I couldnt stay back...loose friendship I..care.....as it's not one day r 2 dys relationship nearly 15 yrs of frndshp....now after gttng settled in life no time for this friend....what do u do if u r in my place......thank u..
• United States
5 Dec 09
Of course, I would be hurt. I mean, I would've thought that they were my friends and all. An actual friend wouldn't say stuff like that but at least just say something like "I'm sorry, I really wish I could talk to you right now". At least put some heart into giving a reason why they're busy. But yeah, I would definitely get hurt if they forgot my birthday especially if I was expecting some sort of birthday wish from them. They should definitely at the very least call to say something and not just ignore me or avoid me completely. I think I would reconsider them as a friend though. I mean, I would ask what was going on with them if all this avoiding and everything was something so sudden, but if it happened gradually, then I think I would definitely reconsider our friendship and question whether we really are as close as I ever thought. I think in your case, you should still definitely try to contact them and don't give up just yet, at least not until you get an actual answer that lets you know whether this is just a phase that they are goin through, or if this is going to continue and that you shouldn't be friends with them anymore. But until then, keep trying to contact them, but don't annoy them either. Still be respectful and if they don't want to tell you exactly what is going on, let it be.
@bettydeng5 (1709)
• China
16 Nov 09
If it was my boyfriend he said he was busy and even forgot my brithday, I will be very angry, because it proved that he didn't care about me. but for my other friends, I won't be angry, because they have their life, and mabye they really busy to forget something, it's ok.