Want to big success

@kevinll (967)
November 16, 2009 1:04am CST
During wind and rain of whole night a lot of petals fall down to ground of fruit garden. The petal angry and blame to wind,'You do not have firm residence and walk around. But i live in branch and do not want to anywhere. You should not blow me down.' The wind said,'In fact, although I blow you lightly you still fall down. It's not my fault cause your blossom perid is over.' The petal said ,'You do not push away your fault. I was blown down by you.' The wind said,'But no one can always blossom. Falling is not bad thing. YOu should happy.' The petal is very angry,'What? You make me fall down and let me happy? ' They argue about this for a long time. The branch agree with wind's idea and said,' Oh, it is good. I like petal. But i prefer to make fruit. If the petal do not fall down how can I make big fruit.' Sometimes we want to get more success we should give up small damage.
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@Baluyadav (3644)
• India
16 Nov 09
Hi,Kevin,it's really a great discussion,i don't know how many members response and how many members smell the essence of this discussion.Yes,if you want some thing,you have to loose something..this is same in the case of human or plants or nature or..... Have a great time and happy mylotting.