Unlucky Bosnia

@adiems (54)
November 16, 2009 1:49am CST
Bosnia defeated 0-1 by Portugal in 1st leg FIFA WC 2010 play off. They have 3 chances to get their goal, but the day is not their lucky day. 3 times they hit the goal bar. How in 2nd leg?
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
17 Nov 09
First of all, it was good game, tacticaly nice and with good efforts from both sides. But I have to say, 3 deadly chances aren't miserable, that was really unlucky. Portugal had a luck that defender scored, and they have so "strong" attack, yeah right. Bosnia should have score, that would do job in Zenica more easier, but anyway they will win in 2nd leg. 1st leg i watched twice, analyzed the game and even if CR7 is back, I think Bosnia will win the game. But will BiH conceed that's the question, coz their defence is weak now... I hope that Dzeko "the diamant", Pjanic from Lyon and Salihovic from Hoffe will do the job and won the game. :)
@adiems (54)
• Indonesia
18 Nov 09
yes... it was a good game. wait and see for 2nd leg, tomorrow.
• Thailand
22 Nov 09
well, they lost in the 2nd leg too but I would always love to see Portugal go in as they have so many fine attacking players. Bosnia are still 1 step behind the big elites in Europe but they have done very well to reach this level and soon they probably will qualify if they keep their standards high.
@icecubic (1851)
• Indonesia
16 Nov 09
What a shame. Where is it guys? In portugal's home or vice vesa? Sorry haven't watched that game. I think it's too difficult to defeat the portugal team as ronaldo has back. But it maybe possible as their performance was decreasing now. Let's see soon. Happy mylotting