Aliens, We are alone

What if aliens exits and how would they look like - does aliens really exits and if so how they look like as in this picture
November 16, 2009 4:00am CST
i don't believe that they exists and we are the only life in this universe and this makes us special...if they exists they will not be as advanced as we are....we are special creation of god
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@Orea15 (281)
• United States
15 Dec 09
And how do we know God doesn't have other "special creations?" Why would He stop at just one? (I wouldn't! I enjoy creating.) If there is other life out there, odds are we are not the most advanced out there. We can't even stop squabbling between ourselves like naughty children. And our technology is really primitive.
@heidiz (5)
• India
19 Nov 09
yes..we are special and this makes us special....special creation of is awesome and this is great