What Music Best Describes Your Mood?

November 16, 2009 6:27am CST
I love listening to jazz music. It soothes me as well as it relaxes my mood.More often than not, you will hear jazz music in my player or PC. But there are times that I'd like to hear R&B, too. I just don't like to hear heavy instrumental since this gives me a bad headache...
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@EdTv00 (298)
• United States
17 Nov 09
Right now I am listening to Bjork. Im in a neutral mood.. lol.
@allen0187 (34149)
• Philippines
16 Nov 09
right now been listening to urbandub's 'guillotine' and 'first of summer' for the past two hours and a half. listening to these two songs gives me a different high and actually inspires me to think out of the box. of course, also listened to cypress hills' 'can't get the best of me'. that's my get up and get ready to work my a** of song. jazz eh?!! take a listen to miles davis. he will simply blow your mind away dearie. cheers!!!
• United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 09
I normally use music to change my mood. For example, if I'm a little upset about something or someone, I will blast an opera, the Puccini type or Andrea Bocelli's music. For normal days, I listen to everything I have - R&B, acoustics, instrumental, pop, jazz, etc. Sometimes, I entertain some French and Spanish music. right now, I'm listening to an Arabic acoustic music. Really beautiful.
@bubulizzz (506)
• Latvia
16 Nov 09
It is very interesting question...for me - when I have sad I usually start listening something hard, for example, Nirvana, Metallica or something like this, but after some songs, I come to something completely opposed - Beatles, Elvis, Clif Richard...and my mood changes like music too.
@benifix (174)
• Indonesia
16 Nov 09
RnB off course and also Rock, that will make my mood, i like to dance while hearing RnB music and jump around when i listening rock music.