What's the meaning rating and its influence to our mylot

November 16, 2009 3:38pm CST
Sorry, i'm newbee here. I saw in discussion each person has each rating. I don't know what's the meaning, function of it. Is there any influence to our earning. Or maybee it's only to make different old member and new member. Please, give me more info especially for you who the master in mylot. Thanks for your share. Also, i want to be your friend, please add me to your friend. I will follow you
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@angelsmummy (1700)
16 Nov 09
Hi! Dont be sorry we all have to start somewhere! The star rating is what you are referring too. After my name you will see a number (this is the number of postings I have made) and a star I do believe mine is a yellow 8. This does directly relate to our earnings. We earn this by getting posyive ratings on our discussions and responses. I would advise getting yours up by responding to everyone that responds to you. Try and keep away from subjects such as religon and politics as people do tend to rate negatively if they dont agree with you. Although they arent supposed to. You will receive your star when you have reached 100 postings! Good luck hope you get a 10! Happy myLotting!
• Indonesia
16 Nov 09
It means if more we discuss , more chance to get high rating and star ? This is interesting. Is the quality of our discuss influence our star too ? More star in our lot means more money will we get in mylot... He...he..he.. Surely, you get more money from mylot now. Can you give me a little to me ? Just keeding. Thanks for your info and your advice.
@mysdianait (64058)
• Italy
16 Nov 09
Here you can learn even more about the stars and the rating system too : http://www.mylot.com/o/faq/faq17.aspx
17 Nov 09
Yes the more we discuss the more chance of being rated positive! Quality is very important!