do you have a dog as pet ?

November 16, 2009 11:56pm CST
i am a girl from china , i love dog very much , i have a dog as pet from three years ago , the little dog is very loyal to me , it's my best friend , sometimes i find that dog is easiler to get along compared to the people / everyone , do you have a dog as pet , i will be very appreciate if you share the interesting things that happened between you and your lovely dog with us !
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@weasel81 (2501)
• Australia
17 Nov 09
i've got 2 dogs only little ones, i've had dogs most my life. my older dog whose now 8yrs, has been with me since she was about 3 months old i got her from a pet store. she's really faithful, expect when i take her to my mums place then she want to stay there and not come with me. she will follow me to work most mornings, thou i think age and heat are starting to show with her. but she'll come up and lick the milk of the concrete. the other little one is supposed to be my sons dog but she's more a girl dog and will come with me instead.
• China
25 Nov 09
wow , my dog also stay with me when she was about one month , and now she is 3years old , she is beautiful and lovely !
@rg0205 (2638)
• Hong Kong
17 Nov 09
I have 5 dogs. I love dogs very much and I volunteer in shelters, too. Dogs are wonderful pets and yes, sometimes I also find it easier to get along with animals than it is with humans. My dogs are well behaved, thankfully and I never really had major issues with them. They are playful and loving pets.
• China
25 Nov 09
hehe----i dreamed owned many dogs one day
@GioSerpo (23)
• Maryville, Tennessee
19 Nov 09
i have one dog, but she is protective, and i cant have any more because of the protectiveness, though id like to. Sometimes it seems dogs can be easier to get along with as opposed to people, but, it also depends on how the dog itself was raised.
17 Nov 09
yes I have a dog and since before I'm here in this life My parents already have dogs. I have advance knowledge on dog breeds my favorite dog is the bull terrier very strong, brave and yet very gentle to its master.
@minx267 (14585)
• Hartford, Connecticut
17 Nov 09
I have 4 dogs. They are really great- I don't think I would ever want to go through life with out having a dog by my side. They are great comfort and love and my best friends- they are always there for me when I need them. And it helps to feel love when they are constantly fighting over who is going to be able to get closer to you.. lol And the doggie kisses aren't too bad either. :)