Do you ave a certain habit of talking to yourself alone?

@lyzabelle (1668)
November 17, 2009 12:01am CST
Yes, when you are alone and you need somebody to talk to but that somebody is not around, so you talk to yourself alone. I do that most often. Of course I'm not crazy or's just that talking to yourself is most handy when sometimes you have problems and you just want to keep it. I talk to myself when I'm faced with a tough decision making. I have to remind myself what are the consequences of my actions. It really helps a lot.'s a stress reliever. Do you have this kind of habit...please share. Thanks...
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@jaijaye (168)
• Philippines
6 Sep 10
I do talking to myself too when I have a problem and sometimes when I used to say if I should do this or not. It's like a habit to me. And often it can help me to do things right.
@musicque (46)
• Philippines
11 Jan 10
I have been talking to myself since i was a kid.I mumble, mutter or do a little of monologue even!'s yes weird but i like it.It is helping me in unloading negative energies. I do this when i am feeling very low or sad, depressed, anxious, doubtful or even when i am most happy!Nothing wrong about this because it makes me feel that i am comforted at such times when i feel that there is no one there who could hear me out. My prayers are even done this way. I talk to God in such a manner that i feel that HE IS MY GREAT LISTENER.
@guizoo (74)
• China
17 Nov 09
Hehe,sound interesting,to tell the truth, I really have talked to myself sometimes but not often. The circumstance that I did so is often that some awful of somehow evil ideas hit my thought,so I have to tell myself to stop thinking about that useless and nonsense things to do my sdudy work
@Jetleena (11)
• United States
17 Nov 09
oh yes, I do that. But I mostly do that when I"m out shopping lol. I tend to ask myself if I really need that or this. Sometimes I find older ladies smiling at me and other people just staying away lol.
@lindiebiz (1013)
• Canada
17 Nov 09
Yes I do the same thing and some people find it annoying and scary but I don't care. Talking to yourself can be comforting and refreshing. Who else is the best person to talk to than the person who knows yourself best