Do you Hate your Brother/Sister?

November 17, 2009 12:44am CST
It has been some Annoying Time in Life when your own Brother or Sister Tease you when you with your Friends Towards them you have a good Impression but Just by that Tease you become Famous and you find those friends then Teasing you. Manytimes your Brother/Sister Cut-outs your Oppurtunity to get something which you Deserves.Isn't You Feel Bad? So what you people think about your "Bro. and Sis.".Do You Hate Them?
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• India
19 Nov 09
Hello sahilpadhiyar20, I don't hate my sisters and brothers as they are lovely and cute . Yes I might be angry to them sometimes but I happens in everyone's life. We have some responsibility and right towards our brother and sisters that by using them we may hurt them as well just like they do it to us. That must not be considered in our life. In fact they are our companions in our whole life. Good Luck, happy Mylotting.
• India
17 Nov 09
HI, no, i dont hate my sister. I have two sisters. Both are married and happy. We all love each other. In our childhood, as i am youngest and only son of my parent, i got everything what i want. at that time i dont know, my sisters hate me or not, but anyway that was about in childhood. Now we all are love, help and respect each other.