Grand theft auto San andreas online Multiplayer mods

Maryville, Tennessee
November 17, 2009 1:13am CST
Multi Theft Auto... Enough said. lol. It is an Online Multiplayer mod for GTA:SA. You can play online with anywhere from 2 to 200 people, maybe more. (I don't know the exact limit, but the server I play on has a 90 person limit.) I play on Valhalla Roleplay, which is in my opinion, the BEST SERVER on MTA. It is a free, open sourced mod, that requires V1.0 of San Andreas to be able to play. You can make your own server, by using the LUA scripting functions, or play in a server that someone else made. If you make your own server, you can use the map editor to place cars, objects, checkpoints, and anything else that you would find on a basic map. by "objects" I mean anything from a tree, to a building, maybe a road, or fence. But the "objects" must already exist in GTA to begin with. Unlike the SA-MP Multiplayer mod, MTA uses both client AND server side functions, whereas SA-MP only uses Server side functions. It adds a MUCH greater ability for scripting. There are also more than a thousand functions you can use, but theres not near that many in SA-MP... I honestly favor MTA over SA-MP, but if anyone wants to discuss either game, feel free. Sync in MTA is 99% better. In SA-MP to you you are aiming at someones leg with your pistol, but to them you might be looking the other way. In MTA you have a 99.9% more chance to actually hit someone. Cars also drive much more smoothly in MTA. Vehicle damage is synced in MTA, and is not in SA-MP. you can only damage a vehicle if someone is driving it in SA-MP. Traffic lights are on the way to beign synced in MTA. Fire is not synced in either game. As you can tell, MTA is the better choice. BUT, some people still actually play SA-MP... which i don't get... but oh well, the world may never know... lol.
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@vipline (134)
• Greece
30 Aug 12
MTA,One of the best online gaming mods of 2011-2012.It has a pretty good playerbase with lots of gamemodes to play on.I started playing back on 2008 when it was in its early state till today!I find it amazing just because it has a good use of the LUA pc language and you can easily make your server unique with just the use of LUA and some programs to create the custom pictures!I highly recommend it to players who are looking for racing games roleplay games and even deathmatch games!
2 Oct 11
I do like MTA like the menu an such but for me the servers have to little of people. Sa-mp can go up to 500 players or more and MTA as u said can only go up to 200 or so. Also a very popular YouTube channel makes videos of GTA sa-mp videos with his friends which might of caused alot of people playing Sa-mp since they play on a server from sa-mp. I personally play sa-mp mainly because of the amount of people on servers. My favorite server is CrazyBobs Cops and Robbers or Generation gaming because of the mods and amount of players. I may play MTA again if I am able to find a server with atleast 300 players.
@vivek2006 (1419)
• India
2 Jul 10
I haven't played much of online multiplayer in San Andreas but i would like to play if someone helps me get started. I do play GTA IV online multiplayer but i would love to play SAn andreas as well, so can you help me get started, i mean like how to start this online thing and whats required to install.