Do you believe astrology's life partner compatibilty?

November 17, 2009 5:45am CST
My older sister is an avid reader of astrology. She bought and read all those books that deal with astrology. She like to tell who's my compatible partner based on my birth date and names. Even to my friend, she knows how to deal with people based on their zodiac sign. It's kinda amazing because often times she knows it exactly. Do you believe on astrology, on zodiac sign on helping to find someone who's compatible with you?
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• United States
15 Dec 09
I love and believe in astrology. I do not let it run my life. For relationships I think there are signs that are naturally compatible. But compatible isn't always good. Sometimes opposites are perfect each other. They bring something out in the other that they need. I have not found my perfect astrology match. Maybe some day.
• India
30 Jan 10
u will defiantly found ur match. best of luck.
• India
3 Mar 10
There are different opinions. Vedic Rishis in their opinion has said that one can be based on the stars they are born and where the Rashi etc is taken in to account based on certain points system they arrive at compatibility. The Vedic Rishis have also said that based on mutual liking. Do not mistake mutual liking for love based on lust. that is not compatibility. mutual liking for each other welfare and respect of one another. This is considered better and superior than the horoscope matching method. Astrology has lots to reveal about us, but only in the hand of a good person who tell without bothering for consequences. it may reveal good or bad, but it is to be taken as a guide for re-charting one's life path.
@levite (1062)
• Philippines
18 Nov 09
Hi careguarden. Sorry but I no longer believe in astrology. When I was much younger I read horoscopes just for fun but when i got older, I realized that it's a waste of time to believe in it. What did the stars formation in the skies have anything to do with anybody's future? I know God holds my future and man's future. Astrology is based on ancient beliefs and practices that celestial bodies have influence in man's affair, personality, etc. It is a form of divination or foretelling the future. I only believe in God and as a Christian I won't waste my time believing in such things now.