Is Windows XP the best OS for you?

November 17, 2009 8:10am CST
Windows XP seems to be the good Operating System that most of the people know and like to use it. For some people who are used to using Windows XP, they don't want to change their computer operating system to the others such as Vista and 7 at all. For me, at first, Windows XP is the best choice for me, but after the release of Windows Vista and Seven, I feel that these two OSs is better and look beautiful than Windows XP. How about you then?
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@Iram786 (498)
17 Nov 09
i've used Windows XP for ages on my PC and i thought it was really good but then i bought a new laptop and i had Windows Vista on it and to be honest Windows Vista only LOOKS better, there's not much difference between Vista and XP. i would only recommend getting Vista if you have a fast and new laptop/PC otherwise your computer will run very slow and it won't be worth it at all. with XP you can change the look of it anyway by going on to properties, at the moment i have the apple mac theme on my PC which looks really nice.
• Cambodia
17 Nov 09
Windows XP can run on low-performance PC, but Windows Vista cannot. So I think XP is better for old PC.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
3 Dec 09
I normally end up using the OS my computer comes with. Even though I have the skills I don't see the point in installing a whole new os. I've seen windows seven, but I have yet to actually use it. I thought of upgrading on my old computer, but I didn't. Windows seven, according to what i read has taken the best of both XP and CVista, and added a few new features that should sstream line things and provide a smoother experance. However, I have yet to try it out. If i get some extra money I might boot up my old laptop and install it just to see if its really worth the hipe. Seeing as how I'm still paying for this one it wouldn't be very wise for me to do so with this one. If I like it and it is any good then when I pay off this one I may consider upgrading here.
@youless (95308)
• Guangzhou, China
20 Nov 09
I think so. I still use Windows XP and I don't consider to change another operating system yet. Lately my colleague bought a new desktop and it was installed Windows 7 already. But soon she asked me to install Windows XP for her. I love China
@burrito88 (2779)
• United States
18 Nov 09
I think Vista got a bad name because it had many bugs in it when it was released. Those have all been corrected now. Microsoft has, I believe, made certain that there will not be as many bugs in 7. They will no longer be supporting XP or supplying updates or patches. I don't think that Win 7 is good to run on old PC's plus it needs more ram than XP.