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@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
November 17, 2009 12:32pm CST
Most of us have at one time seen one of the televised groups of paranormal research groups. While I admit, some of the places they got to are quite interesting, the shows generally make me insane. Let me explain why. Somewhere along the line these people have decided that spirits are harmless. Most of them don't mention anything about attachments and cords. They provoke intentionally and expect spirits to react to them because they wish them too. They don't show any form of self protection or group protection on any level. No smudging themselves, no prayers, rituals, etc. When they do find something they either panic and run, or they act like they have discovered gravity. The thing that drives me the most insane is this. "Ghosts, spirits, entities, whatever you wish to refer to them as, need energy to appear or to do things." Let us go back to the fact that all things, all things, are made of energy. If you add energy to a room filled with people, people are going to be more energized. But guess what, we are still there, still made of energy, still exist. If you add energy to a room where there are spirits, they will be more energized. They existed, they could do things already, they could appear, because they existed in the first place. The vibrational levels changed. That shadow person that was seen by people a year ago, without it being night time, without electrical storms, without tv producers, may or may not appear to you just because you want it to. Even if you do change the vibrational levels it might not appear for you. Wait, you brother saw it but you didn't and you were standing right there? Hmmmm, now that is an interesting issue for me. It is said that children are more able to see spirits because they are open to it. It is said the witches, for example, are more able to see spirits because of the same reason. But there are people that are grown and not in any way knowledgeable or open to the idea of spirits that see them. Who said it is about the individual? You see a spirit and it has something to do with you. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe the spirit wants your help. Maybe the spirit is just passing through. Maybe it is lost. The fact that you saw it may or may not have anything to do with you personally. But you brother was standing right next to you and saw nothing. Why? I honestly don't know. Maybe he didn't want to. Maybe the spirit didn't want him to. But it was there, unexpectedly, without any manipulation by you, of it's own energy. How do you feel about these shows? What are you thoughts on manipulation? Do you understand that just like us, some are helpful, some are harmful? Do you think spirits should be antagonized and provoked? On the newest show I've seen, Everyday Paranormal, they are doing something they call Era-Cue. An example of this tactic would be to fire cannons in an area where there had been Civil War battles, not completely recreating the Era, but just tossing things from that era into the equation to stimulate activity. What are you thoughts on this? I'd love to hear from you on this. Play nice and be respectful.
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@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
17 Nov 09
Those shows are fake