Spoiled women & society

United States
November 17, 2009 1:52pm CST
I have a few female friends who were obviously brought up being spoiled. They dont drive, dont know how to cook and their only hobby is shopping. Most of them are into their early 30's and still living at home or have the attitude that a man is SUPPOSED to take care of them and they do nothing. They cannot keep a man and are about as smart as animal crackers. However they are humans so I try to treat them with respect. However I wonder sometimes just what contibution are they giving to society by being this way? Are they really proud of their accomplishments which in most cases are few?
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• United States
18 Nov 09
My young friend you have a problem with c reation. Men and women were created differently we think differently and culture sees us differently. I go by action and what they can see and not the nuasance of what something can become or what can be built. If you stay to your principles and build something yourself they will start to take notice but if you haven't they will not. Women are always attracted to the large athlete football player because they like the attention that comes from that as well as they get a greater sense of security which is very important. The most important thing is be yourself and build strength in yourself and things may balance out.