Climate Change Call

November 17, 2009 10:06pm CST
Can I ask you something guys. Haven't you ever thrown a plastic or garbage anywhere in your whole? When was the last time you burnt trash or blew a cigarette? or turning on your appliances and electronic devices espicially the air conditioning unit and used it in a full level? These things are some factors of climate change we endure right now. And if your answers are all no, i guess your a splendid person and deserving to be commended for doing so. But im sure greater part of the world's population are guilty as me. The reason I tackle this environmental problem is that it becomes too obvious to the point that we tend to ignore what is happening around us. We have different problems in life. Everyday we focus ourselves in ensuring things done by which our ambitions in life motivates us. We also drained by issues on insurgency, politics, killings now and then, etc...But we forget to care EARTH that gives us life.....
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• India
18 Nov 09
Yes you are absolutely correct. We must take responsibility for our actions. I think the greatest factor that contribute to the global warming is the automobiles. we ought to use cars with more mileages. they might not be as appealing as the sports cars. but we can be proud that we are contributing to a global effort.