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exercise - yoga is good for health
November 18, 2009 4:05am CST
before marriage we used to go for morning walk.After I learnt yoga and did for some years. cause of my pregnancy i quit after I have not continued. REcently i stared yoga and continued for sometime. how many of them doing exercise/yoga regularly or for what reason you quit your exercise/yoga. Because of my laziness I am not continuing. Let share
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@akante (151)
• Latvia
30 Nov 09
Hi! I learnt Tai Chi or Qigoing 6 years ago with long break. From January of this year i continued study again. I can tell it helps me a lot. And as told our teacher 15 minutes of Quigoing is enough. Learning process is very slowly. Chinese people study it from childhood. I am sure you can find a lot of materials about Quigoing. It helps your body, sould and mood. I practise it every day. One day 15 minutes and another 30 minutes.
• India
4 Jan 10
wow, i dont know about A, B ,C of what youhave mentioned. But good that atleast you are practising for sometime. Keep practising. Dont Skip. If you skip one da then that will be practice. Fast world and fast foods we should practice either one as per our wish to keep ourself fit and healthy. Thanks for respoding.
@vathsala30 (3728)
• India
20 Nov 09
Hi priya Till I started mylotting, I used to go for a regular walk, do pranayama, yoga, exercise and keep my house clean and read books and embroidery and sewing. Now I am so addicted to mylot that I stopped all the above. May be it is because of lack of time or laziness or carelessness I do not know
• India
4 Jan 10
I think its not lack of time. We are not managing time. thats the reason. and other thing is mainly our laziness and putting blame on Time. I am also like you. but strictly want to continue yoga. everyday thinking the sameand only thinking not into action. please start some yoga atleast. Telling others is easy I know.But try please.