do you like to fall asleep listening to the music?

November 18, 2009 4:11am CST
It's so cold recent days... at night I stay in bed listening to the music and surfing on the internet.and I find it is wonderful to fall asleep listening to soft music. have you ever done that?
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• Philippines
18 Nov 09
It happen to me most of the time, as i sleep more soundly when their is a mellow music being play on the background. Song like classical and RNB song or just an instrumental music enchant my sweet slumber and dream toward good things as my imagination travel. The next morning I really feel refresh waking up and I am in the moods to continue working having good sleep eases tension and it is a relaxing both to the body and mind.
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• China
22 Nov 09
hi,neelianoscet! thank you for your response. you are very enjoy it ,don't you?:) have a nice day!
• Cambodia
19 Nov 09
Yes I really do. Every time I go to bed, I always listen to music by using my phone. It was a wonderful time listening to music while our surrounding environment is so silent. It seems that we are in a different planet. It is such a good time!
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@nautilus33 (1831)
18 Nov 09
Hi! As I already told in some discussions music relaxes me best. I love to fall asleep while listening to music and it also makes me fall asleep faster than usual. Every night I listening to radio or music on my computer, but for me doesn't matter if I listening to radio or computer. The only one important thing is to listening to some music.
• China
10 Jun 10
Recently I cannot fall asleep easily,so I tried listening to the music when I go to bed.However, i still can't fall asleep in music,even become more exciting.Could you recommend some appropriate music for me?Think you.