Enjoy life

November 18, 2009 8:22am CST
You start to get recognized when you see what you have when your mind begins to understand that he is not the body.The mind asks: "Then who am I? I'm the hand you? If you cut your hand, will continue to be me. So I am not the hand "Remove everything that you have not, until finally remain only thing you are.This is a long process of the mind, which finds its identity. In this process, you are exempt from the personal story that makes you feel safe, until they finally find out who you really. Finally, you find that you are not what you believe you because you never choose their beliefs.These beliefs were already here when you were born. Also found that you are not the body,because you begin to function without it.You begin to notice that you did not dream that you did not mind. If you enter more deeply,you begin to notice that there are also the soul. Then what you find is so amazing. Find that what you have is power - power that allows your body to live force, which makes your mind to dream Without you, without this force, your body collapses on the floor. Without you, all you dream will simply dissolve into nothingness. What we really are is the power called life. If you look in the eyes of someone pass you will see self-awareness, you will see signs of life, shining in his eyes. Life is not the body, not mind, no soul. It is force. Through this force becomes the newborn child, teenager, adult and aging plays. When life abandon the body, it disintegrates and turns into dust. You are Life passing through your body, mind and soul. Once you find it - not by logic, not by intellect, but because you can feel that Life -you'll find that you are the force that makes flowers bloom overblown and that makes bird fly from flower to flower. Find that you are in every lower, you are in any animal in any scale. You have the power to move your body through your breath. The entire universe is a creature driven by this force, and that you are.You are Life
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