how to find a good website?

November 18, 2009 8:33am CST
mostly i sit on the internet at night time when im just feeling bored nd tired and need to relax my mind...but mostly the sites i end up with make me either pull my hair or cursing out loud.... Just the other day i found this website on the search result saying it has got free pc full version pc games to download ... i opened it and luckily found the game i had been searching for too long...shaking with excitement i began to download it and after waiting for about half an hour biting my nails ( it was a 100 mb file) i nervously opened the installer and BOOM was just a one hour trial. OK no doubt Google is the best search engine i have come across so far but still i think that they should make a system to check the websites enrolled that whether they are having the same content as the one mentioned in there tags or not.
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