United States
November 14, 2006 3:53pm CST
For which purpose you mostly use your INTERNET??
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@1986ankush (1241)
• India
22 Jan 07
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• Hungary
14 Nov 06
Surfing ofcourse because I don't read newspaper or watch TV offen, I would rather check the news sites, or watching the TV on my PC which is much better. Chatting is not my style, but I chat with my friends sometimes when they are online. But I think chattting can be very producitve If you chat with people who are creative and can influence you in a positive way to solving your you advices about subject you don't know. I think writing into a forum like this is also a kind of chatting, it's not that interactive but it last much longer, because you can check back later.
• India
14 Nov 06
chatting  - chatting
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@hush5605 (674)
• United States
14 Nov 06
I use the internet to chat to my online friends. I'm not into Surfing unless I'm researching something in particular.
@karisia (149)
• Romania
14 Nov 06
@Jetdanet (1030)
• Portugal
14 Nov 06
i really prefer chatting. I dont know what to surf daily.
• India
14 Nov 06
I prefer surfing.. chatting very rare...