what is love???????

@ari8388 (167)
November 18, 2009 12:11pm CST
hi there i was just thinking and this question just popped in my head what actually is love ?????????? what does it mean ???????????? what i have known is that love is unconditional but now a days you need reason to love a person love has become all about se* i know it is important but just for the sake of having it two people get into a relationship called love and when they are satisfied they dump the other person . is this actually love or mere fatal attraction or cheating ......................... think my dear friends ................think and answer ...............
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@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
Hi ari8388,Love is the greatest gift of God to mankind.Love conquers all.Everything in this world needs love,it is what you feel ,love for your love ones,love for your work,Love can make you happy and satisfaction..Thanks,Good day!
• Philippines
19 Nov 09
hey ari. hmmm. there is no exact definition of love. but then love is what you think of it. i mean if you love someone you cannot really explain it right? well then that really answers the question. you cannot define love. but certainly you can feel it.
@77klove (109)
• United States
19 Nov 09
Hello there mate... well how about I give you one simple answer to this big hard question that everyone tend to think what it really means...well I will tell you what is love... LOVE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. no one can really define what love is or how love should be or when or where...not everyone has the same definition of love or same perspective. So love is just simply what you make of it...could be bad, good, beautiful, ugly, charming, poor, rich you name it...it's simply what you make of it.... People have different needs, standards, expectations ect...there is no way a person will face another person saying you're not in love lol...how would you know?...that's what I would say if someone came up to me and said that...my love definition might not be the same as yours but I call it love...so no one can really define love for everyone...