University of Tennessee... What a nice new coach...

Maryville, Tennessee
November 18, 2009 9:21pm CST
I don't know how many of you like UT, or even watch their games, for that, but, for me being from Tennessee they are my favorite College football team... or they WERE, and here's why... Their coach, Phil Fulmer, was an OK coach. He coached the Vol's for quiet some time. He had one bad year, ONE, and they fired him... In his place, they hired Lane Kiffin. Now, don't get me wrong, Kiffin is an OK coach too, BUT it's not the COACH that plays, the COACH don't get out there and work his hind end off to try and win... Fulmer should have NEVER been fired, not for one bad year... Lane Kiffin's first year isn't going good. He isn't going to any bowl games this year because THE TEAM didn't win enough conference games to be able to. So, are they going to fire Kiffin, too, or are they going to let his first year slide. If they DON'T fire Kiffin when this year is over, i will NEVER watch another UT game, EVER, and I'll tell you why. Coach Fulmer was a better coach and knew what he was doing. I don't care if they hire Fulmer back or not, BUT, if they don't do the same thing to Kiffin for one bad year, it wouldn't be fair on Fulmer. And i know life isn't always fair, BUT, Fulmer should have been given a second chance. And don't get me started on the players. OK, so, Jonathan Crompton, UT's quarterback, can't seem to be able to hit the RIGHT players when he throws a pass. He has thrown way too many interceptions... So, what should the COACH do? find a new quarterback, right? well, Kiffin seems to think that he can help Crompton get better. OK, so, good strategy, BUT, don't do it during games, find a GOOD quarterback to play during games, and help Crompton during practices and stuff... And the old kicker, Daniel Lincoln couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. But I admit that Kiffin did good when replacing him. I admit that Eric Berry, Rico McCoy, and Monterio Hardesty are good, but they are the only good players... If Kiffin would replace the bad players, he might have a good team, but all he has done is make it worse by making excuses for them. And how many players got kicked off of the team for unlawful activity when Fulmer was the coach? None. Okay, so three players get arrested for attempted armed robbery and one gets arrested for attempted shoplifting, and though only two have been suspended so far, the consequences for the other two are pending. If that don't tell you something about how Kiffin picks a team, i don't know what will... OH! And while I'm on the subject of picking a team, why did the NFL not draft Tee Martin? he was five times better then Peyton Manning ever dreamed of being... To be honest, Tee Martin was the best quarterback UT has ever had, even though he only played for one year... Anyway, discuss freely, and if i have offended anyone in this, let me know through a PM, because I know a lot of people actually DO like Lane Kiffin. And to clrify, it's not that i don't like Kiffin, it is that i don't like how UT treated Fulmer, and replaced him with Kiffin, so, i apologize in advanced to anyone this might offend.
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22 Nov 09
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Wow that was a lot, I didn't even get half way through.