Is anyone else here very into makeup?

By Link
United States
November 19, 2009 1:44am CST
I was tired of not being able to do my makeup very well. I saw all of these tutorial vids of people doing their eyeshadow and makeup and I was feeling like a bum compared to them. So I went out and got some great brushes, and I have some nice eyeshadows, and some other quality tools (face primer, eyeshadow primer, concealer, foundation) and stuff from Ulta cosmetics store, love it! High priced though. They have regular stuff on one side, and then all the high quality, high priced stuff (but worth it) on the other side. I've been watching some tutorials and practicing blending and doing some cool colour combos. I'm no pro, but I definitely see how having the right quality brushes REALLY helps. Anyone else into doing themselves up and wearing makeup? Anything you'd like to recommend?
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