Are you excited when Christmas comes?

November 19, 2009 2:11pm CST
Month of December is fast approaching. Only few days left, then its Christmas time. you feel the excitement when this season comes? Are you one of the kids that feels the excitement when this season is coming? What do you feel when Christmas season is near? Would you like to share your emotions during the season of Christmas? Merry Christmas..
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@yyfyqb (97)
• United States
19 Nov 09
i am excited because i want to buy a digital camera. i think i can get a best deal on the december. i also want to buy me a gift, maybe necklace, my favorite. besides, i can spend ten days with my family. how excited! merry chrismas!
• Philippines
20 Nov 09
Good day to you. I do hope you can get a best deal for the digital camera. Merry Christmas too.
• United States
19 Nov 09
no i am not excited when christmas comes just because i think about how much money i will lose. it sounds selfish but i mean people say its a time when friends and family come together. for me not really my friends and family come together no matter if its a holiday and sometimes when it is a holiday. like thanksgiving is coming up were all getting together. So christmas sucks parents buy exspensive gifts and they lie to their childeren and say santa got it for them. i would be upset what i will tell my child is were low on money this year so i can't afford to get you something huge just lots of reasonable price things. and christmas is the time a year that people go crazy and things are flying off of shelves i don't like crowds things always move slower. the only thing good about christmas is the present and thats also the worst thing. my mom has to get like most of people at her work a gift and she works in a school so its lots of teachers. then our family and us. so she has all these bills to pay also. i don't like seeing her stressed over money. she just doesn't believe in giving people cheap gifts. so thats why we never have any money to go on vacation! BECAUSE OF STUPID CHRISTMAS! we can even drive to places that are more than 2 hours away because our car can't go that far. so i bet my mom wants to get a new car rather than vacation. i miss it just being me and her on vacation but now she has more kids and a boyfriend. and i haven't been out of the house or on vacation in forever.