Rough places in NY...Primarily in the bronx...

United States
November 19, 2009 9:02pm CST
Hello. I live on an area where they call the "boogie down bronx". Every time I go home at night there are hoodlums contaminating the street corner. Even the cops pass by and don't say anything to them. When the cops are not looking, the streetcorners smokes their weed and drinking their beer which they hide in a brown paper bag. I even had a guy expose himself to me. When I told an officer, he told me next time to take a picture, the nerve!! I apply to other apartments to see if I can get out of there. I have 2 kids, that's not a place I want my family interacting!! Ironically, going to a friend's house in a reputable prestigious area, my cousin got mugged.. Go figure!!
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