How to move on with our life?

November 20, 2009 12:44am CST
Life's full of surprises, some were good and others were bad. There are those sudden changes, like your partners falling out of love, losing someone by tragic accident, or being sick, That makes us hold on the past and lose hope to live our present and future. Do you know any ways on how to move on with our life?
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• Philippines
20 Nov 09
oh wow. i cant really give a good advice coz i myself at times live in the past. lol. but i think partying is the best medicine. lol :D i party with my friends a lot. especially during the weekends. :) try it some time :)
• Philippines
21 Nov 09
Oh, yeah... I have done that before. It could a great relief for a while. I based on my experienced, I have found myself on silence. And on facing my problems and praying to God. Divine intervention is a great help to accept the reality, and everything that had happened. Anyway I hope you'll find the way my friend. Anyway thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your day!
@eloouuu (176)
20 Nov 09
To move on with your life you first need to wholly accept what has happened, the cause of the disruption. This is a process often hindered by grief. Not everybody is resilient and some people struggle to come to terms with what has happened. Some people find it helps if they understand. If they understand why their partner fell out of love with them or if they understand what an illness they may have been diagnosed with might entail. For others, it is ignorance. Nobody wants to know about the pain and suffering that somebody they care for endured in their final moments. It is complex but individual. Individual circumstances, individual reactions. Some people busy themselves to take their mind off things but some people can't function without taking time to properly resolve the situation mentally. Sometimes, especially when we lose others unexpectedly or we fall victim to some tragic circumstance, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps there isn't always a silver lining or a positive way of looking at these things. Losing a job for example could be seen as an opportunity to explore something new, to take up a new course and find some other way of broadening your horizon or meeting new people. However, as I said before, that is not always possible. What really defines "moving on"? Is it the possibility of waking up in the morning without something controlling every second of your thought? Is it being happy after something has upset us? Is it resolving the situation such that there is a positive outcome from it? Is it just being able to accept what has happened without being in denial or anger? For me, anything that happens is a chance for me to become stronger as a result of it. For me to learn about myself, almost as if they were tasks set to challenge me. Truly disastrous things happen that we cannot explain and it pains us to think about them but people are moving on every day. Our lives are constantly changed and it is learning to adapt to them which helps us to survive. It is quite circular logic. The strongest people are those who have been continually beaten down. Therefore to be strong you need to survive but to survive you need to be strong. Sometimes moving on is completely beyond our control. We may lose things that we think we may never find again until it comes along when we are least expecting it. Taking value and appreciating what we do have is another way to move on. There is something good in everybody's life that they should cling to when times are hard instead of just the downfalls which strike them from time to time.
• India
20 Nov 09
Mental strength is something you must have. I know it is better said than done but you have to take things objectively and believe time is the best healer and you shall be able to cope with all your problems given time and opportunity.At the moment of calamity or a few days thereafter you feel like there is no end to grief but it does pass over and there is turn towards a better situation.