Mano Po 6: Can't They Think of a New Title?

@sexyposh (576)
November 20, 2009 3:30am CST
Once again its Christmas time and during this season our country Philippines is giving tribute to Filipino Films. MTRCB is picking 6-8 movies that is exclusively playing through out the Christmas Season. If Hollywood has Oscars, here in the Philippines we have Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). Its still has the same concept, each Movie has to compete from all categories, from Best in Float Award to Best Movie Award. Usually and supposed to be, one producer one entry policy. But since some producers have their children enter into the "business"... Like Mother Lily perhaps... Everybody know her, and you cannot be a certified in the showbusiness if you didn't go under her. She is like the Godfather of a Mafia, or alike... Anyway, what really annoys me is that aside from monopolizing the event she also keep on sending the Mano Po as one of their entries. Well, for those who don't know Mano Po (series/sequel whatever!!) is on 6th year now as entry of Regal Films. It's stories usually are about Chinese people in Philippine land and how they kept their culture and stuff like that. It only varies on story and characters or should we say STARS... but the story is plain the same.. To be honest, I don't like the movie at all. I don't like the other entries that are the sequel of last years entries as well. I mean can't they think of a new???
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@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
17 Dec 09
Whoa!!! How about Shake, Rattle and Roll XI! I'm glad they ended the Enteng Kabisote series. Actually, Mano Po 6 is not a sequel of the earlier Mano Pos. It is a totally different story (just like Shake, Rattle and Roll movies, each one is different). They are titled Mano Po because they are depicting Chinese traditions and life in the Philippines. Many moviegoers love Mano Po 1-5. Maybe that's the reason they decided to make another one and grander this time - not just the casting but even the budget. In short, they are banking on the popularity of the previous Mano Pos.
• Philippines
20 Nov 09
obviously they can't. lol. i am so tired of seeing the same faces and hearing the same movie titles every year. does enteng kabisote have another sequel again? lol.