Stabbed from the back..

@sammy14 (835)
November 20, 2009 3:58am CST
How would you feel if you discover that one of your children is fathered by your brother.. I am not telling about sperm cell donated by a brother to a wife in order for your wife to conceive. What I am driving at is a plain dishonesty on the part of your wife having an illicit affair with your brother.. What will you do? Will this affect your relationship with this child.. How will you deal with your brother? Can you still accept and live with this child especially with your wife considering what she did to you..
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@saizo6 (2211)
• United States
21 Nov 09
Oh wow, that's crazy. I would feel totally betrayed. It wouldn't be as bad if it was someone else that your wife had an affair with, but your own flesh and blood? That just makes things worst. Your brother should have known better. I wouldn't be able to look them in the face without having some violent thoughts. As for the child, I really hope that you won't cut them off completely. The child is an innocent party and none of this is really their fault. Your relationship might get a bit rocky because you probably wouldn't want anything to do with the kid since he/she is not yours but I think you should still be a part of their life. I actually know some men who went through something like this and they still considered and raised the child as their own. In my eyes, that makes them a really great person.
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
20 Nov 09
I am a woman but I would imagine that this, being the worst type of betrayal, would be the most painful and humiliating experience a man could ever experience and the hurt that the knowledge that his own brother played a huge part in this would be too much to bear. If I were a man in such a situation I doubt that anything would ever repair the damage to the relationship and I would walk out permanently. Another painful aspect of a situation like this would be the child concerned because the betrayed man would know and love this child as his own and yet every time he would look at the kid he or she would remind him of the worst deception of his life.