Is YOUR state grappling with budget cuts? What is happening out your way?

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November 20, 2009 5:02am CST
Governor Pattersonwanted everyone to get reissued license plates this year - - raises $120 million in one swell foop - but then people objected and he essentially backed down. Instead we may cut support to school districts in mid year and cut back on community services to mentally ill adults. Luckilly nothing bad can come from THAT idea - - right? We are facing tough choices and are just thankful for the people in the legislature and their meeting the call of public service. They will do the right thing this time -- they are bound to do the right thing because they have such a long history of missing the right thing in the past. How about out your way? Whats up?
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22 Nov 09
The governator has issued an order that we have a "furlough day" for all state workers. They must take two days off each month without pay. He has also cut spending in funding medication and care for people living with HIV. Other things have been cut; I am sure education cuts have taken place.
@khayshenz (1387)
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22 Nov 09
Heck yes my state is grappling with very serious and very deep budget cuts. State employees are currently on furloughs - and they have every other fridays off. Then there's the raising of sales tax - "for two years only" or so they say. You know these people will NEVER lower the damn thing. They'll find a reason to keep it in the same rate! Then there's educational budget cuts, there's releasing prisoners early budget cuts. It's EVERYWHERE!
@stealthy (8188)
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21 Nov 09
Our Governor's pet project of a heavy rail commuter system was built at a cost of over $750 million and still growing and for which taxes have been raised to subsidize the operation of since it will never break even. Now, we had a deficit of $650 million and everything from cuts to schools, but not to the Governor's own branch which he increase by over 50% when he first took office, to raising taxes including taxing food is being propose. All because of a spend and spend Governor whose administration is rife with kick back scandals.
@Koriana (302)
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20 Nov 09
oh, didn't know they reversed gears on the ugly plates...... good for them!!! are you sure there is a right thing to do at this point, just wondering. after decades of doing the wrong thing, it seems like NY, and many other gov'ts have backed themselves into a corner where doing the right thing is one of the most infeasable things that can be done! virginia seems to be doing okay, they've made some cuts, but they had a nice rainy day fund to fall back on, which they have fell back on. of course, virginia's politics aren't as colorfull as ny's is, so I still tend to keep up more on NY....I could be missing something down here..