What for you is a good chat?

@hotsummer (10444)
November 21, 2009 6:40am CST
Do you find yourself talking with someone and then just get bored when you know you were talking about something important. Or do you just enjoy your conversation with someone and you didn't it to be a good one, when the topic is just nothing important at all. I just found myself talking online with someone. i was trying to talk him out into some online activities. but then seems he is not interested and just talked with him some other topics then. and we had some real chat about our lives and nothing about money. and i find that relaxing to express what we feel inside and our thoughts. though i didn't get what i want to make him join under me in some sites. but still i felt some what relaxed and like a bit enjoyed my chat with him and i forgot the stress that i was feeling. So what kind of topics that you enjoy for a chat or conversation.
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@Anne18 (11036)
25 Nov 09
I don't always get out too much, but I'm happy to chat about anything the other person wants to, even if it bores me as I'm sure when I'm talking there is things I am saying that they don't really want to hear, so it is give and take