Hard work and get more from it

@kevinll (967)
November 21, 2009 8:40pm CST
There were several donkeys and pigs in a farmer's court. One day the little donkey asked his mother,'Mom, Why do not pigs do anything? They just eat and sleep. On the contrary we have to do a lot of work. And the owner hit us.' The big donkey looked at the little donkey and said gently,'My dear, we can do our job. Do not mind other thing.''Why?' The little donkey looked at mom confusedly. 'One day you will understand it.' The big donkey answered. Although the little donkey did not understand it he had to continue to pull the millstone. Day after day and half year passed. In one afternoon the farmer brough a butcher, came to piggery, pointed to a pig and said,'That's it. If the pig grow more it will be worthless.' A few mininutes later they heared the miserable wail of piggery. The little donkey's body was trembling and asked mother,'Mom, the owner like the pig. Why does he kell them?' The big donkey though a while and said quietly,'My dear,if someonwe only make requirement and do not make dedication they will not live for a long time.' If you want to get more you should give more.
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@monkeylong (3146)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Nov 09
Yeah, I think I know much from the story that you have told. Thank you so much. I think we jsut can do like you said. If we give more ,that we will get more. It maybe no give and no get. So in our futur life we may contribute a lot to the world ,which in return may give a lot to us. Happy we have a heart like what you hvae said. Happy mylot.