Generate Money With Google..??

@77klove (109)
United States
November 21, 2009 9:07pm CST
I have been searching for a while and I have to say not everything is a scam as we say it is. Yes majority is scams all over the place but when we look closely and do our homework well before making the big step, it is legit. I have done it with NUSKIN I paid $119 or something like that to try out their product and then after that, the kit for me to start working from home for them but the anoying part about it was they freaking call you to do the training if I am not mistaken because I was on the phone with them and you have to get a 3 way line because usually you'll be talking with at least 3 people. I hate talking over the phone so that already bugged me, and the other thing was the training took a bit longer and not as simple as they say it is, but DOABLE. I basically didn't have the time to dedicate that much free time into that so I said to my self, Naaah, maybe years from now I will come back, so that's just to let everyone know that NUSKIN is legit. Just make sure you have time and perhaps a bit of money to start. They are legit, they have been seen on the news and stars use their product as well as publics. Anyways, lets get to the point, I have been hearing a lot and seing a lot of online job for google, I know it's legit because I have couple friends actually working for google but different tasks. My friends create their own website and advertise google's ads plus they sell or do other stuff on it, which is what I am about to do with one of my friends. Anyways, just to hear from people on here, any of you done or know for a fact that google will actually pay you for other jobs other than the one me and my friends are doing??? I am seriosuly looking for something that's legit to generate money for various purpose...and no it's not to get dream this dream that...I want to do more than with what I earn...So please anyone has any idea of what this google company does or if it actually works or not?
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@mylosha (286)
• India
23 Nov 09
does nuskin is the online training organisation for earning, then tell me its mechanism of works?
@77klove (109)
• United States
23 Nov 09
I am not sure I understood your question right. Yes NuSKIN train you online/phone for earnings through their company, I can't tell you enough because I didn't go far enough to know more, all I know was it required a bit too much training but in the long run it will pay off...and then "then tell me its mechanism of works?" you lost me there, what do you mean, what are you trying to ask?