Would you like to talk on your cellphone when you are in public transport?

Hong Kong
November 22, 2009 1:24am CST
In Hong Kong many people like to talk on their cellphone when travelling on a public transport,like trains, buses, minibuses and ferry, etc. As the environment is too noisy and usually crowded when in public transport, they need to speak loud. Everyone around him/her would have no doubt hear what he/she is saying, like it or not. It is sometimes quite disturbing and annoying, too. In Japan, people do not usually talk on the cellphone on trains or public transports. It is because they are taught to not doing so. They know that if there are upto 7 persons in a compartment of a train talking on the cellphone, the radiation is already too high and cannot be afforded by human brains. That means it harms our brain. Not just the one who is talking on the phone but everyone in that compartment gets hurt. What is your opinion? Do your people also like talking on cellphone in public transport? How do you feel about it? Looking forward to hearing your sharing.
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@GaryJoule (216)
• China
22 Nov 09
7 cellphones can hurt human brain !!!! horrible. First time to hear it. Hope it's not like that. I think nobody mean to talk on cellphone in public louder. Sometimes it's just because the incoming call is from boss, or business partner etc, we have to take it. So I strongly recommend those business calls are taken with headset.
• Hong Kong
25 Nov 09
Hi GaryJoule, In Hong Kong, it is a habit of many people to chat on the cellphone on public transport. They are chatting with their friends for leisure or gossiping. of course, there are people dicussing matters with their colleagues and boss. Have a nice day! agonyaunt69 (12:10pm 25 Nov 2009 Hong Kong time)
@Newpal (154)
• India
25 Nov 09
I mostly avoid phone calls when I am in public transport.The noises around just make it difficult to listen to someone in the phone so no use of talking in a crowded noisy place.But it is not a rule for me that I will not receive calls in public places.Many a time it becomes necessary to receive calls while we are running to catch the bus or train.
• Australia
24 Nov 09
hi friend, when i start by career i cant be without cellphone ,i used to keep on chatting with my friends,i never mind speaking in public,but after i travel abroad,i find that cellphone usage is totally reduced,i am not even bothering to take the cellphone.For necessary purpose we can use cellphones even at the public places.