How many child do you want?

November 22, 2009 7:01am CST
I like kids.I like that my side have a son,also have a daughter. But in china ,due to the huge population.Many professional only allowed to have a child.For example civil servants ,teachers and so on.It is very unfair.If possible,how many child do you want?
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• China
23 Nov 09
Hi, smile823. This is Janica also from China. I like children and also think two kids are better than one. But I don't agree with what you said. One-child policy is for all Chinese, not decided by professions. As you know, goverment allows a second child birth only for farmers if their first child is a girl, while the period is also 3-5 years. If the government doesn't control the birth rate, the huge population shall be a big burnden,not only for China, but also for the whole world. So we should support this policy even it can't satisfy with our personal needs.
• China
23 Nov 09
Hello Smile, I have a son who is about 13 months old. I am not planing to have another kid. I hope I can provide better living conditions for my son. Even though economic allowed, I will not have another one. All my love and attention is to my son now, I wish him be happy and healthy. By the way, it's really very tired taking care of baby/kid though I do enjoy the happy he bring me. So one kid is enough... Have a great day and happy mylotting.
• Philippines
22 Nov 09
Hi smile823. I got married almost a year ago. My husband and I would like to have at least two kids, hopefully a boy and a girl. The population here in the Philippines is also growing rapidly. However, we have no birth control laws yet.