Do you believe in e-love

@anish92 (172)
November 22, 2009 11:53am CST
Do you believe in e-love? By e-love I don't mean online dating or making love online with your regular girl/boyfriend. What I mean is having an online relationship with a girl/boy whom you have never/rarely met in the flesh.
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@kirkuf (19)
3 Dec 09
I me my wife on myspace, im from England and she is from the US, so yes i believe that you can base a relationship online or start one online but i dont think there is much point in it unless you actually intend on spending your lives together.
• Philippines
30 Nov 09
I do not believe on it as because i never experience it yet. though it in cases I would experience it the feeling must be like being struck by lightning that I have a glowing eyes which still a way to long to happen. I think most of the looney are involve in it and it so hard to trust someone whom you never meet. it is easy to lie about yourself and pretend like mr. nice or ms. nice. as technology is so amazing though i find it a rarity to happen.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
22 Nov 09
Yes, I do believe that there is growing relationship in that particular aspect. Because as we can see and witnesses there are couples that have different nationalities and this relationship is through the internet...