November 22, 2009 8:16pm CST
Today, I've read the 1st story in The Next 500 Stories by Frank Mihalic, SVD about a Red Indian boy written by Iron Eyes Cody. The boy went away into solitude to prepare himself for manhood. At the peak of a tall mountain, he was persuaded by a rattlesnake to bring the animal with him to the valley. In return, he promised not to bite the boy. He agreed despite some hesitation in the beginning. However, the snake still bit him when they've reached the valley. With this, the boy cried, "But you promised." To which the snake replied, "But you knew what I was when you picked me up." This story reminds us to be accountable or responsible for our actions. We should remember this story whenever we are tempted to engage in gossips, use drugs, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. We know that these activities could bring us harm in the future. How about you myLotters, what can you say/share about this story?
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@mfbz78 (189)
• Malaysia
23 Nov 09
I agree with you opinion. Before doing some thing, we must think first about the effects over ourselves.
• Philippines
23 Nov 09
Hi mfbz78. Yes, because it is our own self and our family who will suffer the most if something bad happens to us because of our own actions.