A Glue for a Breaking Marriage

November 22, 2009 8:59pm CST
Another story in The Next 500 Stories by Frank Mihalic, SVD caught my attention this morning. Jack McArdle wrote about a woman who would want to file a divorce and to make things as tough as possible for his husband. A counselor advised her to begin by showering her husband with compliments and to indulge his every whim. She was also advised to start the divorce proceedings the moment her husband realizes how much he wants/needs her. Six months later, the counselor followed up the filing of the divorce paper. The woman replied, "Are you out of your mind? We're divinely happy." For all couples out there, this might be the answer to your relationship problems. Appreciate the positive qualities of your partner more often to enhance his/her self-confidence/image. I believe this is applicable even to relationships with our parents, children, friends and work colleagues. How about you myLotters, do you believe that positive compliments could improve your relationships? Have you tried doing this to people you don't really like? If yes, did you notice any improvements about his/her reaction/affection towards you?
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