an email for i need to do the task?

November 23, 2009 3:57am CST
hi. i had this mail and i can't decide if i will do the task.please help me it is: International company seeks to expand its mail lists and is currently hiring home based Mail List Processors. You are paid $5 for each and every Email Address Processed. Payments will be sent directly to your paypal or egold account or will be sent directly to your home postal address. No experience is required - we will provide you with full step by step instructions and all tools and resources required start working from home starting today. This is a legitimate home based job. It is not a get rich quick scheme but will earn you a substantial income working just a few hours per week from home. If you are looking for a home based job that will allow you the flexibility of working your own hours from home then this position is for you. If you are ready to start earning from home today register below. There is a one time non refunable fee of $5 This fee covers all your tools and resources. PLus you also receive a free Get Paid Guide To register visit$5biz.htm You will receive your training manuals and tools and resources within 24 hours. Work at Home Certification Course. Get work at home certified. Guaranteed employment with fortune 500 companies within 3 days of completing the course IS THIS LEGAL?-flagella-
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