Can anybody tells me how to improve the traffic for my website?

Hong Kong
November 23, 2009 4:23am CST
I have many websites and some of them are on the 1st position of the front page in the major search engines such as Google,Yahoo and Msn.But still I found that my website traffic are not that good.As you know ,no traffic means no business in internet marketing.I have tried a couple of Social networks such as Facebook,My Space,Twitter,Adlandpro and sites like that.But the results are still not that encouraging.If you happen to know more tips on driving traffic to my website,I will be humble enough to learn from you.Please make response to my question for the sake of helping someone but not just for writing a few sentences and earn more money from myLot(Although it is a reality).If you do so, I will be more than happy to add you as a friend and inform you in the days to come if any great information comes out to my contact.Thank you and may God bless you all.
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