Super Mom

November 23, 2009 8:20am CST
Every mother's role is very interesting. No matter how tired you are from the whole days' work, it feels like magic when you were already with your children. Though they were sometimes "pasaway", but that doesn't lessens their value, nothing compares...........
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@judelen (428)
• Philippines
23 Dec 09
Hello! Yes a mother is a greatest performer in this world. I am a mother too of 2 kids. Yes it is true that our kids will serve as our inspiration in this world, how good and bad are our kids, still a mother is there to support no matter happens. As they said, you cannot pay the job of being a mother. Being responsible to your kids, to your husband and many others, a mother stand for it, have patience for everything for the sake of her children and family.
@wallacb3 (88)
• United States
27 Nov 09
I used to joke with my mom, telling her she has superpowers, when I was a kid. I never knew how similar to reality that was. Now that I'm a mom it seems like the days fly by! Even with the 10 to-do lists daily, there is still so much left undone. I can't imagine how my mother handled all three of us! Life is certainly an adventure. Messy though :)I can't wait for him to begin talking and walking so that he'll have a little more independence... I'm grateful for every day I get with him. There are so many who miss out on the first years of their child's life.
@happy2512 (1266)
• Philippines
24 Nov 09
Your definitely right sister even if how stress we are from work & different body aches in our body but once we get home every thing else seem to disappear. I regret those couples whom I can say that they are rich but childless for they never experience what we have experienced from our children. They're the most precious treasure we have in this world.
@Hazelrose (2185)
• Philippines
23 Nov 09
Hi lovelyangela,Welcome to mylot!Yes,i realy agree with you,a role of a mother is quite difficult for you have to sacrifice everything just for the sake of your chidren.As a mother i really love my children because they are my inspiration,to work hard,no matter how tired but it worth it.Although pasaway sometimes but still the mothers heart is willing to support no matter what happens..Thanks,Goodluck!