Could man be strong without excersies, using calcium and strong jim medicines

@umer5222 (724)
November 23, 2009 12:45pm CST
Life is very fast, even we have not time for exercises,Their are certain medicines available which works and help to build strong body, without doing any exercise. Will these medicines are worth for normal busy man????
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@emma90 (530)
• Indonesia
23 Nov 09
I don't know..but as long as i know, we doing some exercise is for to make our body fresh, cause it can make the blood sirculation more better. Beside that it can burn our fat in the body. We can doing exercise not only doing some sport or etc. But we can do it in the same time when we work. Example, we must choose stair than lift, and many kinds of activities which make our body healthy that we can do it with working ^^. have a good day and happy Lotting I'm sorry if you hard to understand my language cause i can't speak english fluently =D
@klm007 (38)
• India
23 Nov 09
There are lot of medicines to pull money from innocent peoples who are trying to lose weight and build muscles. I personaly know a guy who used to make weight loss capsules and the main ingredient is crushed pig bones. He also doesn't know how pig bones can make you lose weight. So there are a lot of cheaters like this. If you are going to buy a medicine like this it is better to get some personal reviews to know if that product works or not. And If you have 1/2 an hour to spend 3 days a week you can become pretty strong. No need to go to any gym. Just buy a pair of dumbells and start working with it. You can do almost every exercise with just a pair of dumbells.