Trouble finding an apartment that will rent to me (pitbull owner)

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November 23, 2009 1:40pm CST
Hello fellow Mylotters! So I am the proud owner of a Blue Nose Pitbull named "Macho". Macho is housetrained, has been through obedience training as well as seen a dog behaviorist who practices Cesar Millan's methods (I didn't have a problem with him at all, I just wanted to make sure that he didn't develop any issues). Macho is a very quiet and balanced dog because we exercise together every day (3-4 2mile walks every single day along with ball throwing, frisbee, etc...). He is excellent with my kids (I have twins) and doesn't even move a muscle if they fall on him, crawl over him, pull him around by his collar, etc... I am amazed by how well behaved my dog is. My point is, I have had a very very hard time finding an apartment that will rent to me because of my dog. I have written a dog resume, have plenty of references, and have taken him with me to visit landlords. One interview with a landlord that stands out in my mind is when they requested I bring Macho with me. When we walked into the office the landlord took one look at Macho and jumped up on his chair. Macho barely even glanced at the man and was only standing there sniffing the floor! I held back laughter and took a seat across from his desk. I instructed Macho to lay down which he did and the landlord was still standing on the chair although my dog was extremely well behaved and didn't even care that the landlord was even there. It was so pathetic. He immediately told me that I would not be able to rent an apartment from him. I was polite but asked him "Even though my dog has not give you any indication that he was going to attack? Even though he has extensive training?" Needless to say, I was told to leave and I cried the whole way home even though he put on a very amusing show. I am not giving Macho up because of some uneducated people who don't understand that there are RESPONSIBLE pitbull owners out there. Has anyone else out there faced a problem like this? Also, if anyone knows of any apartments in the NJ/NY area who wont discriminate, please list them here for me. Thank you!!
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23 Nov 09
One sugguestion that may help you is to list Macho as a terrier or terrier mix. This is the truth as many pit bulls are either American Staffordshire Terriers are a mix of Staffordshire terrier. Most people are very uneducated when it comes to pit bulls and are only exposed to what they have heard on the news regarding them. Also check to make sure that the places you are looking to rent are large dog friendly as many apartment complexes have gone to small dog only. Good luck on apartment huntting.