Does anyone else see spiders when they wake up, that aren't really there?

November 23, 2009 2:57pm CST
Since about june this year when i wake i more often then not see a big black spider rushing across the wall. Its so real and stays there for quite a few seconds. It's not a floater, but it's horrible! It's so big!!
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@mysdianait (65159)
• Italy
23 Nov 09
Well I am not in the same location as you so maybe that is why I don't see them. If I did I would just crawl back under the blankets because they drive me crazy and to see them first thing upon waking would just about give me a heart-attack! Oh but hang, they aren't really there? Uhm are you still dreaming when you wake?
23 Nov 09
No i wide awake! Thats the problem! I went to the opticians and all they found was a floater!
23 Nov 09
spelling error *i am wide awake
• Ireland
11 Dec 09
yes I have the same problem and have never said anything to anyone because I though that they would think that I was crazy, when I awake I first notice a black type of blot, then it forms into a spider, but I know that its not real, and if say that to myself its goes away, but I do think that its some type of floter as I do have them and like the floters if you dont think about them they disappear, but I do have a question why a spider, this is only my own option, as I would to embrrass to say it to anyone else
• United States
2 Feb 10
This just started happening to me. A few days ago I saw something as big as my hand crawl across the ceiling I didn't think anything of it but I woke up this morning and as soon as I opended my eyes I saw what looked like a giant spider crawling on the wall once it hit the crown molding on the ceiling it disappeared. It seems to only appear when I first open my eyes and both times it went away as soon as it gets into the dark area of the crown moulding which is painted maroon my walls and ceiling are both painted white. I know it's not real and I'm not afraid of spiders but I do take several medications for high blood pressure,atrial fibrillation and just recently started taking metformin for diabetes. Does anyone else take metformin as I have been taking the other meds for several years with no problems like this.
@merlinsorca (1123)
• United States
23 Nov 09
I don't know about this. . . If you are sure that you do see spiders, but then they are not there, then something must be wrong. Have you been scared lately or watched a horror movie with spiders? I looked up "Seeing spiders in morning" and on the fourth link, a person posted something similar in Yahoo answers. If you read it you may find some answers there.