When Your Spouse Is In ExtraMarital Affair With Some 'X' . How Do You Handle?

November 23, 2009 11:26pm CST
Hi friends, Haei..don't curse me for asking such a question. Just for imagination. And nowadays in the present world it is becoming more common that a married person ( be it men or women ) having affair with someother person. How do you handle the situation when your spouse is in extramarital affair with some 'X'.? Will you go for divorce or punish him like what your mind says or will you advise hime and try to correct him to right path or will you leave him by avoiding him in your life and living with him for the sake of children's future. Really it will be most worse situation that any married people will never be interested to face at any point in their life. What will you do in this situation? How will you handle the situation friends?
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