how can i help my gfriend get over being dumped?

@toots44 (246)
United States
November 14, 2006 5:54pm CST
he was a total loser, but she loved him dearly. she is very upset. i hate to see her like this but i feel she is beter off. he was a cheating leach.
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• South Africa
15 Nov 06
Sounds like she is better off without him. How long were they together? I read somewhere that it takes half the time you were with someone to get over them - this means if they were together for a year it could take up to six months, or if they were together for 2 years it could take a year etc etc. Heartache can feel like it will last forever though! I know it can be tough to help friends through heartache but the best thing is to let her know you are there there to support her through this tough time. Keep her busy and get her out ~ meet some new people; take up a new hobby or just go have fun. Happiness finds you ~ eventually.