How do you feel about your lover Keeping contact with there ex?

@kbrk20 (15)
United States
November 24, 2009 4:42am CST
How do you feel about your lover keeping in contact with there ex? they they dont give a crap about them. then why wont the let them go? is there something still there?? if not then why before they will just let them go with the wind they will say that is thier friend. and you are controlling if you want it to stop. but remember they dont care.. right.. if they did not care why is it a problem.. What your take?
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@doniep (99)
• Philippines
8 Dec 09
nah nah!! this is not a good sign for you lover to keep in touch with their ex's. It is like they are not so over with theirselves. You better check everything on what on what your lover and your ex are up to.
• Philippines
9 Dec 09
I second to your opinion. It is clearly evident enough that your present and his/her ex are holding on to each other.. It seems that they are trying to keep their bond and communication which is not good, even if they admit vocally that they are over with each other but who knows deep down inside their heart a single cell inside is a portion of their love for each other. Holding on, but trying to let go.. This kind of practice can be eventually hurtful to you!
@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
19 Jan 10
Hi there friend. Well i can tell you that i kept in touch with my first ex, but then again as i told you before, i never slept with anyone except my girlfriend. Well we don't talk that often (i am referring to that girl) but we were friends long before we were lovers, so the friendship remained since we broke up on mutual consent after realizing we were not good for each other. My girlfriend never said anything about me talking with her, and she doesn't get upset for me getting and sending Christmas messages to this girl, but she probably knows i would never cheat her with that ex. Now about you i don't know what you mean by her "keeping in touch" with her ex - talking from time to time with sms, or mail, i don't think that's a bad thing, but if she has long hour talks on the phone or ymail then yes, you should keep an eye more closely on her.
2 Dec 09
for me, there's no need to keep in touch with the 'ex' when you're already wit your present. it is very possible that the feelings may exist again.i won't allow my partner to communicate with his/her ex because you'll never know someday he/she might fall for him/her again.
• India
24 Nov 09
Hello kbrk20 unless its you or some one who is very dearer to you advise them to stop immediately and don't ever think again about the x ... and get on with what you have or if you like to see drams leading to divorce than let it continue .... cheers !!
• Philippines
24 Nov 09
dude! its not healthy that they keep in touch with their ex.. some emotions might still be triggered.. however if they suggest that they're only friends then let it be.. just keep an eye for it.. so as to prevent them to get back together.. its very unhealthy to your relationship though.. coz i think it would be a start of a lot of arguments