How many friends do you have on facebook? why?

@codris (783)
November 24, 2009 6:35am CST
hi tehre, i've a lot of friends on facebook, but i have met every one of them, the major part are my friends who lives in my city and i meet every week or some times in a month, i don't want to make friends that i don't know how is their face, if i call a person "friend" is a person that i met, talked and saw in past, or maybe a person that i know for several years.And what about you? how many friend do you have on facebook? do you have only real friends or all people who request your friendship? thank you for your responses.
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• India
19 Feb 10
i have 130 frnds in mafia wars and out of them 80 friends are just to play mafia wars with them because i need to increase my mafia family...
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
7 Jan 10
I already plenty of friends in face book especially in Mafia Wars, They add me daily as a friend. Also they send me a gift and in response i also send a gift if they requested.Also i find interesting to have a different kind of friends here in face book. Facebook is updated, I find my lost friend again and able to communicate what happen to his life after graduation from college life. I communicate with them through face book and i got feed back from them. Friendship must be treasure as they get old.
@Khaled91 (15)
• United States
20 Dec 09
I have more than 1200 friend on facebook and the reason is : MAFIA WARS i don't know them , i just play with them :)
@rimarima (80)
• Philippines
27 Nov 09
I think I have nearly two hundred friends in facebook. The list include family and friends from school (elementary, high school, college and graduate school). Although I do not send and receive messages to/from these friends often, somehow I see how they are doing from their posts. I think that is a good way of catching up with each other.
@Torrs13 (217)
• United States
26 Nov 09
I have just over 500 friends on Facebook, and I've known them all at some point in my life. Most of these people are from high school and college. I do my best to keep up with as many as I can, but obviously there are some friends that I don't contact at all...we've just become "Facebook friends." I guess I like to keep all of them on my Facebook because I enjoy hearing about their lives and what is going on with them. I've also found myself reconnecting with people I hadn't talked to in a few years.
@zeethegr8 (786)
• India
24 Nov 09
I have 100+ friends on facebook and they all are ones with whom I've actually lived and interacted with. Not any random people or acquaintances.
@minx267 (14603)
• Hartford, Connecticut
24 Nov 09
I have 1258 friends on facebook. They ar for a few reasons.. A few different groups of people. First I have my actual friends and acquaintances -some I have met some come from other social networking or gaming sites and we got close and keep in touch. Second I have a group of friends I call my Moonlight friends, as we all have the love of the now defunct Television show MOONLIGHT in common. About 100 of them. Third I have a group of people I have added and continue to add to daily that I call my Collie friends. We all have or love (mostly have) Collies. I myself have 2. Most of them I think actually show or breed theirs -but their are stil quite a few taht are just regular owners and lovers of the breed. It is nice to share info and pictures with them. I have well over a hundred or so of them. And last but certainly not least are the people I have added so that I can increase the size of my Mafia!!!! lol. I have over 800 people in my Mafia - I never thought I would get that high. So mafia wars is just one of the games I play - there are a few others and a few people that I have added for them- but nothing quite so much as the Mafia peeps. I actually discovered that I have lots in common with some of them.. one of the groups I have joined that help me increase my mafia friends is the dog pond mafia and every one there has to have a dog photo as their profile picture to be in the group.. So you know they are all dog and animal lovers. And already that is one thing we have in common. We soon discover through our posts that we have more in common -with our likes and dislikes.. and it's really fun conversing with people all over the world. Kind of like here. :)
@bbxe99 (207)
• India
24 Nov 09
I have 447 friends only! And I do not know why --- may be due to my response or involvement. Or may be they like me as most of my friends are female --lol
@moneymommy (3420)
• United States
24 Nov 09
I dont have that many on facebook. I only use facebook for family.