I love like i never loved before... what about you, how do you love?

November 24, 2009 7:57pm CST
i became a better person the moment i fall in love, lol.... falling in love is a nice feeling. it makes me inspired. it motivates me to do better. it creates a vacuum in heart that allows the other heart to come in. :-) it makes me stupid psychological. it makes me intelligent emotionally. it makes me blush and it makes me glow. it allows me to become a good wife, and hopefully, it also allows me to be a better mother, lol... what about you my friends out there, how do you fall in love? may i invite you to share for experiences in falling in love..
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• Philippines
25 Nov 09
Hi alexysabelle. I used to live on my own since the age of 16. To survive, I had to be strong and very independent woman. I learned to do things on my own terms. I learned how to find for solutions and solve my problems alone. When I fell in love, I found it hard to unlearn being aggressive, independent and self-centered. Suddenly, I have another person to share my life with and depend on. We had some issues during the early stage of our relationship as I would always do things or decide on something without consulting my partner. Suddenly, I felt like I was obliged to ask for his permission about anything. I don't like the feeling in the beginning. I felt like he was trying to control me or something. But that was almost seven years ago. We are happily married now. Little by little, I learned how to submit myself and share my life with him. Falling in love made me realize two things: 1. success and happiness could be enjoyed best when shared; and 2. sorrows and problems could be resolved better when you have your loved ones to help you with.
@reploid (1331)
• France
25 Nov 09
It's hard to describe the feeling of falling in love. Some scientist said it's chemical.. But I think only our heart can describe this feeling.